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Some Call This Fun (6/?)

Title: Some Call This Fun (6/?)

Summary: On a remote Brazilian island, 22 contestants are separated into 2 teams to compete against one another through a series of challenges. But they’ll soon discover that there are more challenges to be had than just the competition. Hook-ups, fights, partying, back stabbing, secrets and lies take center stage as the crew watches their reality show spiral into insanity.

Meet the Crew

Meet the Contestants

Oh Captain My

Capture The Flag

We All Fall Down

Disclaimer: I’m not making any money off of writing this story. It’s entirely fictional and based on the performances given in the HBO miniseries Band of Brothers and not the actual soldiers. Any ideas or challenges borrowed from a reality show belong to the creators of that show, not me. I don’t own anything…so please don’t sue me. I wrote it for your enjoyment so…enjoy!

“Well I think he’ll be just fine. But it was good of you to have him checked out. I hear you were quite the hero today.”

Frank didn’t even know why he was still there. After the challenge had finished Christenson had insisted that he go see this doctor just to make sure he was alright.

But the doctor was a beautiful, young, French woman named Renee and Christenson, with his apparently selective ADD, had been distracted by her shiny-ness.

Christenson was leaning against the desk Renee was seated at and gave her an ‘Aw-Shucks’ smile. “It was nothing really. I used to be a lifeguard is all. What about you? Doctors are the real heroes.”

Renee blushed and ducked her head before giving Burton what all men knew as ‘The Eyelash Flutter’.

Frank had obviously outlived his usefulness. He had been Christenson’s metaphorical cute puppy- used to draw the woman in and then doomed to be neglected.

Bros before Hoes his ass! But far be it from him to cock block. He was so outta there.

Floyd knew he had been sent over to the contestant’s house to tell…somebody….something. And Harry had made it out to be a very urgent something.

But it was important to remember that Floyd was a sex deprived intern surrounded by attractive, and (more importantly) drunk, young men. And any mission he was given took a backseat to the eternal goal of all men his age: getting laid.

Really…Nix and Harry had no one to blame but themselves. They knew better.

He took a quick survey of all his potential targets. Where to start?

Ronald Speirs was….well he was smoking. Figuratively and…well literally…he was outside smoking.

The main problem with him was that Harry, of all people, had claimed he was a major badass….and Harry wasn’t easy to impress.

Frankly…Floyd didn’t want to know the terrifying things Speirs must have done to gain Harry’s admiration.

Skip and Malarkey were both out of the question. They were too involved with each other. And speaking of involved-Toye and Buck were too busy with George Luz to realize that they were BOTH too busy with George Luz.

On that note Luz kinda had his hands full…which was too bad because he gave Floyd slutty vibes. Oh well.

Then there were Roe and Webster. Both, while painfully attractive, were also painfully wise to his game. As was Albert Blithe. They all fell under the ever growing category of Not Interested.

He was about 80% sure that Lipton, Cobb, Perconte, Shifty, Sobel, Bill, and Penkala were all straight.

Evans was, believe it or not, a little too odd for his tastes. He wanted Amy Winehouse crazy not Britney Spears crazy.

There was a difference.

Now on to those who had promise.

Grant was definitely on the list- he was quickly establishing a reputation as Sir Drinks A Lot. So he was cute, funny and might get drunk enough to actually sleep with Floyd.

Then there was Christenson. He wasn’t really crazy but he seemed slightly impressionable…maybe…or maybe that was just wishful thinking because Floyd found him so freaking attractive. So perfectly put together…so pleasant to look at and…so probably straight.

Then there was this kid…this Babe. He hadn’t really seen him much yet. But he HAD been drugged out on LSD or some shit. So there was some sort of underlying recklessness there.

Then of course there was Liebgott, who was Floyd’s favorite for a couple of reasons.

First of all- HOT. In that ‘I’m thinking dirty thoughts while I lick my really, red lips and walk with my hips guiding me’ kind of hot.

Secondly- he seemed like he would probably kick your ass afterward. And Floyd decided he was totally down with that. Seriously.

Now all he had to figure out was how to get from point A to point B…

Babe was pretty sure that he was starting to get too comfortable. He was making friends, he was laughing, and he had bonded with Bill over their Philly roots. Which was both pleasant and unpleasant…because thinking of home never ceased to make him feel guilty.

Basically...being comfortable was bad. Because when he got comfortable in an environment-he felt confident enough to be himself. And being him was just too much trouble.

The way he figured, most people felt free to let out their inner crazy when they found themselves on TV. But Babe just felt the overwhelming desire to censor himself.

Which was why he didn’t want to be the obviously underage drinker on camera (even if they were in another country). It was also why he’d acted so aghast when Hoobler had told him he’d been high (although that was mostly genuine shock) and it was why he just didn’t need to get comfortable.

Being himself is what got him drugged by that green haired dude, beaten up multiple times, stalked, chained up in a basement in Santé Fe and also on this damn no-name, reality TV show!

But once the confidence started to bubble up inside him there was no going back and when Bill smacked him in the shoulder playfully and asked him if he was drinking tonight Babe’s response had been “Hell yea.”

So he had a few secrets? Who didn’t? Letting loose wasn’t going to make him spill his guts.

It wasn’t like he was a murderer or a drug addict. He was just a bit of a wild child.

He needed to stop being a pussy and have fun. And that was all there was to it!

Gene was tired, homesick and pretty sure that he had only said about 20 words in the past few days. His team was celebrating their victory pretty hard and even Babe, who Gene had sensed a kind of shyness in previously, was opening up and tossing back drinks.

On the other hand, the red team seemed to be in a strange state. Luz had stormed in earlier shouting angrily and stomping off- Buck had followed him and everyone else seemed rather subdued.

He felt someone’s presence to his left and looked over to see a member of the red team sit down next to him on the couch. The other man sighed and ran a hand through his dark blonde hair. Gene couldn’t remember his name.

He was curious about the red team’s sour mood but kept quiet. It wasn’t his business anyway.

Just when he had decided to stay silent, the other man looked over at him curiously and asked, “What are you doing over here? Shouldn’t you be celebrating with your team?”

He nodded over towards the kitchen where Babe was flinging his arms out and making Bill, Muck and Don laugh.

Gene just shrugged, “Not really my thing.”

The man frowned, “Yeah…not really mine either. I’m Lipton.”

Lipton held his hand out and Gene shook it and introduced himself, “Gene. So…why are you guys so down? One loss. Not a big deal...it’s only the third day.”

Lipton sighed, “Honestly I think it’s Luz. He’s usually in such a good mood and his bad mood is kind of bringing everyone down.”

“What’s the matter with him?”

“He’s tight with Toye and he’s upset that he’s going into the one-on-one tomorrow. I’m sure Toye will win though.”

“That’s what we thought about Hoobler.” Gene muttered and let his gaze slide back to the kitchen. Babe was laughing loudly as Bill handed him another drink. He wondered what it was that made the young man laugh.

Lipton smiled at him, “You seem pretty interested in what’s going on over there.”

Gene shook his head, “Not what…”

Lipton followed his gaze and just said, “Oh…okay.”

Gene stare at the other man for a moment, “Does that bother you?”

Lipton’s mouth fell open, “No! No of course not. Um…I guess I’ve never really thought about it before.”

That caught Gene’s attention, “You don’t know anybody who plays for that team?”

Lipton chuckled, “I guess I do now.”

“I play for both actually,” Gene told him, surprised to find himself even bringing it up…but the guy didn’t really seem to care. “You better get used to it.”

“Why’s that?”

“Let’s just say you’re probably going to see more of it then you ever have before.”

Lipton looked around at the other contestants in surprise, “Seriously? Do you think they did that on purpose?”

“What? Pick a bunch of gay guys?”

Lipton shrugged, “I guess.”

Gene shook his head, “Probably not. But I bet Nixon had something to do with it.”

“What?” Lipton asked, “You think he’s gay?”

“He’s something,” Gene laughed, “I’m sure he had a hand in the selection process.”

Lipton smiled, looking less uncomfortable than he had originally, “Well I guess you’re right. Things are probably going to get interesting.”

“Luz…just calm down. He’ll do fine- you know that.”

Luz crossed his arms across his chest and flicked some cigarette ash to the ground. He had gone to the side of the house, which was generally the most silent, to have a smoke and think about what was bothering him.

However Buck and a couple of cameras had immediately followed- putting an end to any solitude he’d hoped to have.

He sighed and looked over at the tall, blonde. “You know…I just…I guess I came on this show because I thought it would be fun and challenging and all that shit…and it is. So far. But like…now I’m getting to know people and if Joe gets eliminated that’ll just….really suck.”

Buck leaned next to him against the house, “I know it. But it’s not going to happen. Cobb sucks…I mean he has to if even you got the drop on him.”

Luz glared at him before a snort of laughter escaped, “You’re probably right….asshole.”

“Hey now…is that anyway to talk to someone trying to lift your spirits?”

“Because you’re doing such a great job. Besides I don’t need my spirits lifted.” Luz pointed out as he took a drag from his cigarette. “I just need to take my mind off it.”

It being Toye…and how much he didn’t deserve to go. Hell Luz deserved it more than Joe did. In the challenge Toye had fallen off of his column trying to help Luz…Luz had fallen off because he was being a spastic freak.

“I know just the thing,” Buck pushed off the wall and slid a little closer to Luz who, knowing where this was headed, took a final puff on his cigarette before tossing it to the ground.

“Is that so?”

Buck just nodded and leaned forward into Luz’s space with a grace that George found impressive considering their height difference.

Never having been a fan of the exaggerated lead up, Luz stepped forward and eliminated the very little distance between them.

He reached up and hooked his right arm around Buck’s neck before tilting his head back and allowing their lips to touch softly.

Buck’s hands quickly found their way to Luz’s hips and George allowed the taller man to slowly push him back into the wall.

One of Buck’s hands came up to cup the back of George’s head and pull him even closer, causing Luz to sigh into the other man’s mouth.

Now Luz adhered to a very standard make out rule- which consisted of not opening his eyes until the kiss ended or it was obvious that more than making out was about to take place.

For whatever reason he decided to break that rule- and almost had a heart attack when he saw how close a camera was to his face.

He pulled his lips away from Buck’s, “Jesus!”

Buck looked confused, “What is it?”

“Fucking cameras.” Luz growled.

Buck sighed, “Right…shit. Well just ignore them.”

But Luz wasn’t in the moment anymore. He was thinking about It….and thinking about It made thinking the moment was a mistake.

He gently pushed Buck away and ran a hand through his hair rapidly, “You know I should go check on Joe…we both should. Cause this could be his last night here.”

He walked off quickly, deciding not to worry about the whole make-out thing right now. Trying to take his mind off of Toye wasn’t fair. Besides- if Joe did get eliminated tomorrow- then he would seriously regret not having hung out with him tonight.

Buck, he was sure, not only understood that but probably felt the same way.

David wasn’t sure why he kept doing this- especially when he thought the guy was an asshole. An asshole who had made it very clear he didn’t think much of David.

But that night he found himself searching out Joseph Liebgott once more.

When he was a child- his mother said his natural curiosity would take him far in life. He supposed she was right. It earned him good grades in high school which took him to a good college which gave him what he thought was a pretty good life.

Back in California he was working with Marine biologists to write a text book on the subject matter. All the experience would hopefully help him write his own book one day. But it didn’t pay well…hence the reality show.

On the other hand…when he was a teenager his father told him that his natural curiosity was going to get his ass kicked one day.

He supposed he was right too.

When he did find Liebgott the man was outside- sitting on a stone fence that cut the pool off from the hill behind the house. His back was to the house and he was alternating between drinking from a bottle of tequila and smoking a cigarette.

David looked at the slump of his shoulders and wondered which outcome his curiosity would get him this time. Would it take him far or get his ass kicked?

Rubbing his hands together he decided not to worry about it for now. At least there weren’t a lot of people out there. He was never too big on crowds or parties.

“Hey,” he called out as he approached the other man. Liebgott turned his head and sighed upon recognizing him.

David ignored this and climbed up the fence to sit next to him, “Look I realize that we got off on the wrong foot…repeatedly. But I just-okay I’m sorry…but was that bottle full when you got it?”

Joe reluctantly acknowledged his question by peering at his tequila, “Yes…yes it was.”

David made a face at the now two-thirds empty bottle. “Do you like live off of cigarettes and alcohol or something?”

Liebgott looked at him and actually smiled, “What were you saying about getting off on the wrong foot?”

Realizing he was doing it again, David rushed to correct himself, “I just mean…should you really being treating your body that way? What with you being…sick or whatever.”

Joe shrugged, gazing at the Brazilian forest of which they had an excellent view, “Probably not.”

David tried to sneak a look at the bruise he was sure he’d seen on Joe’s arm earlier that day, but it was too dark and the light didn’t reach this far away from the house.

But he figured bullshit would be pretty easily deflected by Liebgott who probably thought every word out of his mouth was bullshit anyway. So he decided to be frank.

“I want to know what’s on your arm.”

Joe smirked, “Really? How bad?”

David was confused, “What?”

The other man pulled a leg up and shifted to face him. “Look- I don’t know you, we’re not friends. I don’t owe you anything. But...I’ll tell you for…I dunno…10 bucks.”

David gaped, “Are you serious?”

That infuriating smirk was back, “Yep.”

Frowning, David reached for his wallet which was in the back of the jeans he’d put on after leaving his wet clothes in his room.

“Fine.” He complained but slapped a $10 in Joe’s hand anyway. “So what is it?”

Joe pocketed the money and exhaled more smoke, “They’re track marks. From the medicine I take.”

“You inject yourself?”

The other man nodded and took another drink of tequila, “You got it. Not all that interesting.”

“What are you sick with?” He couldn’t help from asking.

Joe frowned and climbed down from the fence, stumbling slightly from being inebriated. “One question at a time Web.”

“It’s David. You realize you’ve got everyone calling me that now?”

Joe squinted at him like he wasn’t making sense and waved the Tequila at him, “People are going to call you whatever they want to call you! Why do you fucking care?”

David ignored his sudden irritability, “So you’re not going to tell me what’s wrong with you?”

Joe started stumbling backwards and the distant light from the house hit him. David saw that his hair was messy, and his cheeks and lips were flushed red the way that some got when they’d been drinking.

He was pale, too thin and angry. Just looking at him made David’s heart hurt for reasons he couldn’t understand.

Joe let out a choked laugh, “Web man….we don’t have time to go over what’s wrong with me.”

David knew they were talking about two different things now and couldn’t take his eyes off the intoxicated man.

Looking down for a moment Liebgott raised his hand up and pointed at David, “You...you uh seem like a real...”

Joe stopped mid slur, dropping his hand and lifting his head, “I was going to say nice guy…but you actually seem like a preppy prick.”

David laughed a little in spite of himself, “That’s very…honest of you.”

“Yeah,” Joe shrugged and stomped his cigarette into the ground, “What I’m trying to say here
Web…is that you don’t need to know about my problems. They blow, alright? But they’re uh…they’re my problems and I wanna keep ‘em that way.”

David opened his mouth to respond, but Joe was already stumbling away.

“Oh sweet Jesus!” Nixon cried from where he was watching the feed from their set up security cameras.

Dick, who was still upset with Nixon for sending Floyd to cause trouble, had lightened up when he remembered that Floyd would forget any instruction when surrounded by temptation.

He was sitting in the surveillance room with Lewis, reading a book when the host had started making noises reminiscent of a dying hippo.

When Nixon’s disgust was finally verbalized in English, Dick gave up trying to read and looked over at him, “What is it?”

Nixon just shook his head, eyes glued to one of the many monitors, “Renee is straight up, full on, macking on Christenson!”

Dick sat up straighter, “Seriously?”

“I can’t make this shit up! Look at her!”

Dick jumped up and walked over to Nixon, “No! Don’t look at her! Give her a little privacy Nix!”

Lewis rolled his eyes, “No such thing, Dick. Not here. You know that- she knows that.”

Dick frowned and physically wedged himself between Nixon and the monitor, blocking it with his body.

Because Nix had been so close to the table Dick had to step over his legs and was half sitting on the metal table, and half straddling the now completely frozen host.

But the red-headed man didn’t seem to notice that Nixon wasn’t properly functioning because he continued to talk, “She’s your friend Lewis! How can you just stand there and invade her privacy like that? It’s one thing to do it to the contestants but not Renee. She didn’t sign any contract!”

Lewis just nodded; hyper aware of his friends knees brushing his thighs. They were so close that he could feel the heat coming from Dick’s very nice...very close body.

“Furthermore I don’t understand why you’d watch since it so obviously grosses you out.”

Something needed to happen because Lewis was about 2 seconds away from running his hands up Dick’s incredibly long legs and that would be very, very bad. Considering that Dick was his closest, most important friend and he’d managed not to do anything stupid like that so far. It’d be a shame to ruin it all now…

The door to the surveillance room busted open and Harry walked in and paused- taking in their position, “Did I…interrupt something?”

Nixon sprung into action and stood up from his chair so quickly he almost butted heads with Dick, “No! Nothing- we’re cool. I’m cool. Did you know Renee’s making out with a contestant?”

They both stared at him.

“I’m going to go.” That said Nixon practically fell over himself leaving the room.

Harry looked at an equally confused Dick and raised his eyebrow, “What was that all about?”

Dick shook his head, “Beats me. Maybe he has a thing for Renee?”

“Hahahaha! As if! Are you SERIOUS?” Harry laughed.

Dick frowned, “Well why not? They bicker all the time and he seemed pretty upset to see her making out with someone.”

“That’s because he knows we can’t use footage of any crew members- so no one will know that Christenson hooked up with anyone.”

“Well he might still be jealous.” Dick suggested only to have Harry shake his head.

“Look Dick- he does NOT have a thing for Renee.”

“How can you be so sure?”

Harry laughed again, “If you don’t already know then far be it from me to tell you.”

The producer then turned to go and look for Nixon leaving Dick alone and very confused.

Know what?

Floyd was blending in behind the camera men pretty well-watching the contestants come and go. He heard laughter coming towards him.

“Nah guys- not a big deal. I’ll show you. I just need someone to practice on who can’t….oh I got it!”

Not two seconds later Talbert was faced with an insanely adorable and incredibly drunk young red head with a wide smile.

This must have been Babe.

The young man grinned, “Can I borrow you for a sec?”

Floyd grinned right back, “Absolutely.”

Babe grabbed his wrist and tugged him into the kitchen- Floyd wasn’t sure what was going on but he hadn’t had great luck lately so he wasn’t entirely optimistic.

Babe was laughing and left him next to the counter to go and get something. Floyd noticed that Skip, Don, Grant, Perconte and Penkala all looked rather amused.

Man they had gathered a crowd, although it WAS a large kitchen. What was Babe planning to do?

Suddenly Babe was back with Tequila, a salt shaker and a lemon wedge.

He put the lemon wedge in Floyd’s mouth, “Hold that. Now…do you mind if I lick you?”

Floyd stared at him blankly. Um…NO!

But since he couldn’t talk he just shook his head.

Babe grinned, “Awesome.”

He leaned forward and put his mouth on Floyd’s neck-sucking for a moment and the intern tried not to moan when he felt his tongue swirl over his skin.

Pulling away Babe poured salt onto the spot of Floyd’s neck he had moistened, and proceeded to lick the salt off (and boy was Floyd’s luck changing) before taking a swig of tequila.

Then he laughed, leaned forward and sucked the lemon out of Floyd’s mouth.

When he was done he turned back to the gathering and bowed, “That is how you do a body shot with tequila. Frankly you guys are losers for never having done them before.”

Floyd’s brain was still shutting down from the hotness.

Suddenly one of the camera men spoke up, “Babe- why don’t you do that to one of the contestants?”

Floyd knew he was only suggesting it because they couldn’t use any footage with Floyd in it. But Babe was too drunk to understand that.

So he just nodded, “Sure.”

At that moment Liebgott came strolling through the kitchen- his own bottle of tequila in hand and Babe waved him over. “Joe! Can I borrow your neck?”

Liebgott, who also seemed very drunk-but in more control of his facilities than Babe, looked at the laid out items before grinning, “Body shots huh? Sure why not?”

Joe figured he was messed up and Babe was hot. So he certainly didn’t see the problem.

He leaned against the kitchen counter, stuck a lemon in his mouth and tilted his head back as Babe sucked on his neck.

When Babe had finished the shot, Joe put his hands on the other man’s narrow hips and swung him around, successfully reversing their positions. “My turn.”

Babe just laughed when Joe licked his neck. However he was drunk enough to have forgotten to put the lemon in his mouth so when Joe had finished his shot and went up to Babe’s lips, the only thing he was sucking out of the young man’s mouth was his tongue. Which was fine with him.

“Am I dreaming?” Floyd asked no one in particular as the two began to make out and the contestants that had gathered stared in shock. Malarkey, Skip and Penkala making catcalls and whistling.

Someone pinched him in the arm, “OW!”

Luz shrugged at his pain, “You’re awake and holy shit did I miss something or what?”

“Whoa…Joe he’s a bit young for that.” Shifty had come back into the kitchen and was shocked at what he saw.

Liebgott pulled his lips away from Babe and raised his eyebrow at the red head, “How old are you?”

Babe grinned, “Nineteen.”

Joe shrugged at Shifty “That works for me.”

Shifty gaped and then turned to gently smack Grant in the shoulder, knowing he was the only other person in the room that knew Babe was only seventeen.

Grant shrugged and Shifty went off to find Bill before things got out of hand.

Babe let his fingers curl around the top of Joe’s jeans, “Your room only has 3 people right?”

Joe laughed, “Yeah. Good idea…”

He pushed back from the counter and followed Babe out of the kitchen. This was actually probably a bad idea but all he was thinking right now was that Babe tasted like tequila and something sweet- which was strange considering the salt.

Either way. He wanted to taste it again without an audience. The kid was obviously just looking for some fun- who was Joe to turn him away?

Cobb was busy sulking in his room and trying to ignore the racket that was coming from downstairs. They could get drunk and be stupid all they wanted but he had to focus on the upcoming task.

He wasn’t sure how good the odds of beating Toye were but if the challenge was anything like the one Evans and Hoobler had been in he might stand a chance.

He was trying to think of possible scenarios in his head when the door to the room he shared with two members from the blue team was flung open and Liebgott stumbled in with a couple of camera men following.

The main reason for the stumbling was probably because his lips were attached to someone and his eyes were closed.

Joe and the red-head- Cobb couldn’t remember his name- fell against the wall and Joe pulled their lips apart to pull his shirt over his head.

“Oh what the FUCK?” Cobb shouted when his roommate started to push up the other participant’s shirt as well.

Joe glared, “Why are you still in here? Get the fuck out!”

Roy didn’t need to be told twice and he shot up from his bed, fled the room and slammed the door behind him.

They were going to what? Have sex in his room? That was unacceptable!

He heard footsteps and looked up to see his other roommate approaching.

“I wouldn’t go in there if I were you.” He warned.

Eugene Roe raised his eyebrows, “Why’s that?”

“We’ve been sexiled.”

“Beg your pardon?”

“Liebgott’s in there with someone.”

Gene laughed, “What? Who?”

“How the fuck would I know? Someone on your team! Some red-head.”

He wasn’t sure why but the amused smile that had been on his roommates face fell so quickly it was almost comical.

Not knowing what to do now- Cobb just stomped off.

Shifty finally found Bill drinking a beer in the living room and talking with Speirs and Lipton. “Hey Bill- I need your help with Babe.”

Bill rolled his eyes, “I told the kid no one would do body shots.”

“Actually someone did body shots and then some.”

That caught the man’s curiosity, “What are you talking about?”

“Last I saw he and Liebgott had their tongues down each other’s throats.”

Lipton started to laugh. Speirs looked at him, “What?”

“Nothing just…Gene was right is all.”

Bill stood up, “No way am I gonna let him make an even bigger fool of himself. Fine- let’s go see if we can sober him up.”

Grant came up to them, “Yeah they’re not in the kitchen anymore.”

Speirs frowned, “Where are they?”

“I think they went up to Liebgott’s room.”

If it had been anyone else Bill wouldn’t have given a shit. But Babe was a good kid and he’d be damned if he let him have drunken sex on national television!

Speirs leaned back, “I’d hurry if I were you.”

Bill cursed and he and Shifty headed towards the stairs.

When they reached the room they were pretty sure was Joe’s they saw Gene staring at the door blankly.

Bill nudged him, “How long have they been in there?”

Gene shook his head, “I just got here so not long.”

Bill figured that if they were actually in the act of having sex, the camera crew would be outside the door.

Well…the worst that could happen is that he’d be scarred for life. But he didn’t want Babe to do something he’d regret in the morning.

He banged on the door, “Babe! It’s Bill- I’m coming in and you better be decent!”

And just like that- all Gene’s hopes that it had been Don were squashed like a bug.

Shifty saw his face and elbowed him in a friendly manner, “Don’t sweat it. He just drank too much. He probably can’t tell a square from a triangle.”

Just then Bill came out of the room- Gene hadn’t even realized he’d gone in- dragging Babe by the arm behind him.

“Whoa- Bill you seem mad! Are you mad at me? I told you I get sooooo drunk.” Babe was rambling on and on. He was shirtless and at some point had taken off his shoes, and the button on his jeans was undone. His pants were sliding down slightly and his hip had rapidly fading red marks from someone’s fingers.

Bill sighed, “I’m not mad at you.”

Then Bill gently shoved Babe forward and he tripped into Gene, “Why don’t you guys take him to his room?”

Gene sucked in a quick breath when Babe dropped his head on his shoulder, “Haha I’m so wasted. Tequila is the devil.”

Shifty noticed that Gene seemed kind of at a loss when he had his arms full of a drunk and shirtless Babe, so he stepped forward and took one of the kid’s arms.

“Come on, Babe.” Shifty said in what he hoped was a soothing voice, “Let’s get you some water.”

Gene just watched in frustration as Shifty led Babe down the hallway. What was wrong with him? The only time he ever got close to Babe was when he was intoxicated it seemed.

What really shocked him was that even after Babe’s less than model behavior- Gene still wanted to get to know him…it didn’t make any sense! He never acted like this!

What was it about Babe?

Bill glared down at Joe, “What is wrong with you?”

Liebgott glared right back and got to his feet so he could utilize his height, “Nothing! What crawled up your ass?”

“He’s obviously too wasted to know what he’s doing? You were taking advantage of him!”

“Please- what are you his fucking mother?” Joe got into the other man’s space. God he couldn’t fucking stand it when people bossed him around.

“Get out of my face.” Bill snapped and shoved Liebgott hard on the shoulder.

That was the last straw for Joe and his arm went back and up.

His fist hit Bill’s jaw with a loud smack.

Bill shoved him back and took a swing that caught Joe in the stomach.

“Shit!” One of the camera men cursed and ran out to go and find Bull and Martin.

“You’re shitting me?” Harry exclaimed into his phone, “That’s great. Yeah….whatever no one cares. Did you tell Toye about Buck? NO!? Well…you know what forget it…this is even better.”

“What is it?” Nixon asked seeing the glee in his producer’s eyes.

“Hmmm let’s just say this. Body shots, sex and Liebgott finally punched somebody.”

Nixon smiled, “I love my job.”

A/N: Look-no challenge! I decided to focus on the contestant interactions for this one-but I doubt I'll do it a lot in this fic's future. But by golly- as the author that's my right :) Hope it worked okay...


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Haha... body shots! You are awesome! :D Thanks for another lovely chapter. :)
Mar. 4th, 2009 07:47 am (UTC)
You're very welcome! I write what I know :) Glad you liked it even if it wasn't as heavy on the comedy.
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