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Some Call This Fun (9/?)

Title: Some Call This Fun (9/?)
Summary: On a remote Brazilian island, 22 contestants are separated into 2 teams to compete against one another through a series of challenges. But they’ll soon discover that there are more challenges to be had than just the competition. Hook-ups, fights, partying, back stabbing, secrets and lies take center stage as the crew watches their reality show spiral into insanity.

Previous chapters inside. Cross posted to Camp Toccoa

Disclaimer: I’m not making any money off of writing this story. It’s entirely fictional and based on the performances given in the HBO miniseries Band of Brothers and not the actual soldiers. Any ideas or challenges borrowed from a reality show belong to the creators of that show, not me. I don’t own anything…so please don’t sue me. I wrote it for your enjoyment so…enjoy!

Meet the Crew
Meet the Contestants
Oh Captain My

Capture The Flag
We All Fall Down
Tequila Is Not Your Friend
Who Can You Trust?
Saving Me

Gene frowned up at the man who was speaking to him for maybe the first time, “I don’t get what you’re saying.”

Sobel rolled his eyes- wasn’t this guy training to be a doctor? “Look…it doesn’t take a genius to see that you and Babe have…potential. All I’m saying…is that if you help me out…I can make sure he stays safe from elimination.”

Gene really, really didn’t like where he was going with this. It was underhanded, it was sneaky, and most of all…it was completely effective.

Sobel had saddled up next to him the moment that the blue captain had reunited with his soaked team. He had immediately campaigned for Gene’s help to keep him out of the arena.

Even though he didn’t like it…Sobel’s argument was compelling. The only challenge that had been lost had been the one with Don…and he along with Skip and Shifty were responsible for that loss. Logic would dictate that one of the three of them deserved to go.

Sobel’s argument was that Gene should vote for one of them in order to take the heat off of himself should the vote be divided in between the three of them. When he asked the Captain why he shouldn’t just vote for Sobel- the man had not so subtly pointed out that his vote counted twice and if by some chance Babe were to wind up in the arena..there was a strong possibility that the younger man might not make it out.

Gene sighed, “Fine. Now could you please leave me alone?”

Sobel smiled, “No problem.”

One down, four to go.

“Why…would I vote for Shifty exactly?” Babe asked from where he was swatting a mosquito away from his face.

Sobel shrugged, “Well I could think of a few reasons. For one…if anyone is going to go into the arena…it’ll be Shifty, Skip or Gene. We both know that Muck did everything he could to save Don. I mean- at least he tried his best. And you like Gene too much to ever vote for him. That only leaves Shifty.”

Babe was silent for a minute. Sobel had a point…although he hated to admit it. But Shifty was so freaking nice…and he was his friend. But then again…was it really so smart to have friends in a competition?

Besides…Shifty was one of only two people left who knew his secret…well…about his age. If he was gone there would be less of a chance that he would tell.

But…he hadn’t told anyone yet anyway. And he’d promised he wouldn’t. He’d keep his promise…wouldn’t he?

So what if Babe voted for him? It was just one vote! Like it would actually count for anything.

David glanced up from his notebook, giving Sobel an incredulous look. “Whether I help you or not…you’ll never be able to sway Bill or Joe to vote with you.”

“I’m not trying to sway them…I’m trying to sway you.” Sobel responded. He figured Webster would be his easiest sale. The man seemed to have no real attachment to anyone other than Liebgott…for whatever reason THAT was.

Furthermore the man was dictated by logic. He knew who was stronger and who was weaker. Who to keep and who deserved to go. Of course if that didn’t work…he could always threaten to send Joe in.

“Well at least you’re honest.” Webster observed, looking thoughtful. “But you’re right…I owe you for helping me during the challenge. But don’t think that means this will ever happen
again. We’re even now.”

Sobel grinned, “Absolutely.”

“But that’s bullshit! Skip did everything he could! That isn’t fair!” Don looked horrified at what Sobel was suggesting.

The captain was just pleased that he had been able to get the guy alone. He shrugged at the red head, “That may be true…but most people probably won’t look at it like that. I mean…he did help lose the challenge for us.”

“But what about Gene and Shifty?” Malarkey pointed out.

Sobel shrugged, “Sure they were both there but we all know Babe’s not going to vote for either of them. And you know how Bill is…all the kid has to do is unleash the sad eyes and that guy will vote however he wants him to. Joe follows Bill, Webster follows Joe…do you see where I’m going with this?”

“What should I do?”

“Take the pressure off of Skip. If the two of you vote for one of the others then the vote will be split. I’ll see if I can’t persuade someone else to vote with you guys.”

“What about you?” Malarkey looked at him suspiciously.

Sobel held up a reassuring hand, “Oh trust me…getting rid of Skip is the least of my concerns. Think about what I said.”

Don was already searching Skip out, “Yeah definitely. How much time do we have before we have
to vote?”

“About half an hour I’d say.”

The two nodded at each other and parted ways. He had timed his little discussions so there wouldn’t be enough time for any of the contestants he’d spoken with to be persuaded by anyone else.

Suddenly Evans was at his side.

“How’d it go?” the blond man asked.

Sobel smiled at him, “Way too easy.”

“And who are we voting for again?”

“That’s the best part.”

On The Beach

Nixon jumped up to peek over Dick’s shoulder.

Dick turned around to give him the closest thing he had to a glare. “Would you stop that? I thought we agreed that I would count the votes from now on?”

“We did.” Nixon nodded.

“By myself…”


“So stop looking over my shoulder. It’s distracting.” Dick told him.

Nixon glared at his friend. Oh what? Like HE wasn’t distracting Lewis? Because he was! Ever since he met the man! But did Nixon ever complain? No.

“But-” he began to protest.

Dick clenched his hands in frustration. “Do you want to do this?”

Nixon pouted. “No.”

Dick nodded and pointed to a spot five feet off, “Good. Now go stand over there.”

Lewis sighed and walked away from the podium. The gathered contestants and the crew snickered at him.

He glared at them, “SHUT IT!”

Skip made a whipping motion, “It’s painful to see man.”

Dick ignored the comments with his usual grace as he counted up the votes. “Okay…I’m done. You can come back now.”

Lewis sighed, “Why thank you.”

He slinked back over to the podium and looked at the results. His eyebrows went
up, “Interesting.”

The contestants all leaned forward slightly- this was the first vote to really count to many of them.

“The two people who will be competing in the arena tomorrow will be Shifty..and Liebgott.”

Everyone on the crew gaped. Lewis nodded, “I know-right?”

The contestants stood up, Bill and Joe both looked pissed that Sobel had again kept himself safe.

David stood up quickly and walked over to Sobel, “Why do I have a feeling I just helped you
screw over Joe?”

Sobel frowned at him, “I don’t know? We never really talked about Joe…did we?”

Webster watched him go, uncertainty and unease coloring his emotions. He ran after Joe, who was walking with Bill, their heads bent and whispering angrily.

They quieted when he approached. He glared at them, “Oh please- I didn’t vote for you.”

Joe glared, “Well you didn’t vote for Sobel either did you?”

“Hey in case you don’t remember- he actually helped you in today’s challenge.” David pointed

“Yeah well who the Hell do you think voted for him?” Bill asked with a frown.

“We don’t know that Sobel did.”

Liebgott laughed, “Man you don’t get it do you? All that piece of shit cares about is keeping himself safe. Seriously Webster.”

He watched Joe stroll away with Bill and immediately felt like kicking himself. Why did he let himself play right into Sobel’s hands?

And why oh why did he have to be attracted to someone so damn difficult?

“Wait so what you’re saying to me is that you actually placed BETS on whether or not I would be eliminated?” Toye asked looking down at Luz.

Luz shrugged and took a sip of beer, “Yeah basically. But I made a shitload betting against Grant. I say we split it.”

Toye nodded, “Oh I see. So you think I’m okay with this? Is that what you think?”

Luz paused, “Um…yeah?”

Jo eyed the pool next to them, “You don’t have the money on you now-do you?”

“No. Why is that-“

Luz didn’t get much more out before he went flying into the pool. He dropped his beer into the water and coughed as he resurfaced.

He stared up at Jo who was laughing at him.

“What the Hell was that for?” Luz demanded being instantly reminded of the shower incident.
Although that did give him an idea…

Jo took a breath between his laughter, “Oh man…That’s for betting on me you prick!”

“Oh yeah?” Luz reached out and grabbed Jo’s leg, pulling it out from under him. Jo slipped forward and landed next to Luz with a splash.

Jo glared and shoved at him, “Dude you just ruined my watch.”

Luz laughed, “With the money I made off of you? I’ll buy you a new watch. A nicer watch.”

Jo looked at his wrist, “What’s wrong with my watch?”

A new voice came up, “I got a better question-why can’t you stay dry?”

Jo looked over and swam to the opposite edge of the pool where Bill was standing. He folded his arms on the side and looked up at him, “So how’d it go?”

Bill shrugged, “Joe and Shifty.”

Jo gaped, “No shit? I like Shifty. How’d Sobel squirrel his way out of this one?”

Bill chucked off his shoes and put his feet into the pool, “The Hell if I know.”

He bent down next to Jo’s head and scooped something out of the water, “Whose beer is this?”

Luz swam over to them and snatched the beer from him, “That’s mine.”

He made a show of drinking from it. Jo raised an eyebrow at him, “Isn’t that mostly pool water by now?”

It was-but Luz wouldn’t admit it in front of them. He just made a face.

“It tastes good.” He promised before swimming off.

“What…you want to form an alliance?” Buck asked his captain.

Speirs shrugged, “Sure…if that’s what you want to call it.”

“So? What? You just want us to keep voting Jo in?”

“Look,” Ron leaned forward, “the best way to make sure our team does well is to get rid of
the weakest players.”

“And you think that’s Jo?” Buck gave the man a disbelieving look.

“No…quite the opposite. Jo’s one of our strongest and if we keep putting him into the arena…
he’s going to keep winning.”

“Okay,” Buck interrupted, “I don’t see where you’re going with this.”

“Right…did you see what I did earlier with Penkala?” Speirs asked.

Buck nodded, “You sat him out of the second challenge.”

“Right…because I think he’s one of our weaker players. Now…I’m not going to tell anyone who to vote for. But I can make the circumstances suggestive.”

“How do you mean?” Buck asked.

“Well,” Ron sighed, “if we had lost that challenge then Penkala or Perconte-two of our weaker players- would be the only ones who hadn’t helped and therefore it would make sense to vote for one of them. They go in and we vote for Toye who gets rid of them in the arena.”


“That’s why I’m going to keep voting for him. We both know why you do it. We have a deal or what?”

“Makes sense…sure.”

“Glad to hear it.”

The Next Morning

Babe was bouncing up and down in place and Gene was a little worried.

“Babe are you alright?”

The younger man shook his head, “No! I mean I can’t believe this is happening! Either way someone I like is going to go home. Look if I tell you something will you promise not to hate

Gene smiled at the earnest look of worry on his face, “Babe…I really can’t imagine hating you.”

“I voted for Shifty.”

Gene frowned. Why would Babe vote for Shifty? That didn’t seem like him at all. Gene figured that Bill would get him to vote for Sobel.

“You’re frowning.” Babe noted.

“Oh…don’t worry. I’m not mad..just confused.” Gene reassured him.

Babe spotted Shifty outside drinking orange juice. “I’m going to go wish him luck. Let me know if you see Joe.”

Gene nodded and watched him go…wondering what had possessed him to vote for Shifty. At least Gene knew why he had done it.

Joe heard knocking coming from his bedroom door and was surprised to find that he wasn’t sure who it was. Apparently Babe and Bill considered themselves his friends…and who the
Hell knew why Webster was always seeking him out.

Whoever it was they had terrible timing. Joe had taken his black box and locked himself into the bathroom away from the cameras and other contestants. He barely had a moment alone anymore.

He looked down at his outstretched arm and tightened the rubber cord wrapped around it.

Putting the syringe to his lips he pulled the cap off with his teeth.

The pounding on his door continued as he searched for a familiar vein to inject himself.

“Just a goddamn minute!” he hollered to them- whoever they were.

Slipping the needle into his arm he unloaded the drug into his system and leaned his head back against the bathroom wall- letting the high wash over him.

David was just about to give up on Joe when the door finally swung open. Joe grinned out at him-looking happy and hazy like he had the night before yesterday.

David frowned at him, “Are you ready? We have to head to the arena.”

Joe nodded, walked into the hall and slung an arm around Webster’s shoulders. “Sure Web…walk with me.”

David raised an eyebrow, “You’re awfully friendly. I thought you didn’t like me?”

Joe shrugged, “Yeah…but I don’t like anyone.”

Webster smiled at that. “You like Babe.” He pointed out.

“Yeah…but like that’s difficult.”

Suddenly David had stopped walking and Joe’s arm fell off his shoulders. Joe turned around to give him a confused look.


“Can we be serious for a second?” David asked.

Joe rolled his eyes, “About what exactly?”

“Just noticing that’s a nice band aid on your arm is all. Are you ever going to tell me what
you’re sick with?”

Joe shook his head and approached the other man, both of them ignoring the cameras hovering close by.

Joe’s head was swimming and he was still buzzing from the drugs he had just taken. He noticed Webster was the perfect height for him and couldn’t help himself. He placed a hand on the side of David’s neck and leaned forward to press their lips together.

David was frozen in place-but Joe could tell he didn’t mind when in response he parted his lips slightly to deepen the kiss.

God Joe was high as a kite and the feel of Webster’s tongue was only making him dizzier, making the tingling on his arms intensify.

He slid a hand up into Webster’s ridiculously neat hair. Behind his closed eyes he began to see random dots and his neck was starting to feel too hot. It was the drugs, he assured himself….it was just the drugs.

Joe smiled into Webster’s mouth for a second before pulling away and taking a deep breath.

He looked at Webster, whose eyes were lightly closed, lips still parted and wet and he smirked. So maybe this was why Web was always hanging around.

David slowly blinked his eyes back open, as if he’d only just realized that Joe’s lips were gone. Liebgott patted him on the cheek in a condescending manner. “You worry too much.”

Webster breathed heavily and watched him saunter off…more worried than ever.

In The Arena

Laid out across a table there were two vests. One with small orange flags stuck all over it and the other with small yellow flags stuck on it. There was also a yellow box on one side of the arena and an orange one on the other side.

Floyd looked over the set up excitedly, “This is the one where they wrestle right?”

Dick smiled slightly, “That’s right.”

“Who’s competing today?”

Nixon frowned at him, “Seriously? You suck at your job.”


“What? He’s supposed to know that already!”

“It’s Liebgott and Shifty.” Dick told him.

Floyd’s eyes glazed over at the possibility of watching them roll around on top of each other. “Liebgott? Is it my birthday or something?”

Lewis rolled his eyes, “Like we care about your birthday. And also? What is this obsession with Liebgott that people seem to have? Even the people that hate him are a little preoccupied with him.”

Dick shrugged, “Most guys just like a challenge.”

Nixon leaned against the table next to him, “Yeah? What about you?”

“Is that your way of asking him if he likes a challenge or if he like dudes?” Talbert
wondered out loud.

Lewis swung around and smacked him upside the head. The intern cursed and clutched his ear.

Dick frowned at the now commonplace abuse, “I’m not really like most guys I guess. I’d rather be friends with someone I date than chase after someone who doesn’t like me at all.”

Nixon knew it was foolish to allow it but he couldn’t help the little bit of hope that rose in his chest at those words. He watched Dick walk over to Harry-with a smile on his face.

“That’s good news, right?” Talbert asked from behind him.

Nixon turned to glare at the intern-his smile now gone, “Does everybody fucking know?”

“Um...yeah? I think so…you’re pretty obvious.”

“Shut up.”

“Hey look about this wrestling thing...I say we have them wrestle in something like- jello!”

“SHUT up.”

“No wait wait-a margarita pool. That would be sweet!”

The host groaned, “Please stop talking.”

“Alright in today’s one-on-one challenge, each contestant will be outfitted with a series of flags across their body via these vests. The object of the challenge will be for each contestant to remove as many flags as possible from his opponent’s vest and place them into their designated box. Which is an equal distance away from the center of the arena.”

Joe leaned towards Shifty as Nixon explained the rules to them and everyone else. “You know
what sucks?” he whispered.

Shifty shook his head, “What’s that?”

“You’re competing with me and I’m one of the only people who didn’t vote for you.”

“I am a bit surprised that I’m here.” His opponent confessed.

“Fucking Sobel man.” Joe hissed, “He manipulated the vote to keep himself out of here.”

“Why are you telling me this?” Shifty asked.

“Because if I lose I want you to get rid of that prick that’s why.”

Their host interrupted them, “You only have a minute to get as many flags as possible. Suit up.”

Luz watched the two men get ready. “YO- 10 bucks Shifty smokes him! Any takers?”

Most waved him off.

“I’ll take that bet.” Jo called over to him.

Luz smirked, “Oh so you don’t care if we bet on other people just not you?”

He shrugged, “That sounds about right.”

“Well then I will thoroughly enjoy your money sweetheart.”

Toye rolled his eyes, “Don’t call me that. Besides…I kinda like the underdog. Certainly paid off for you last time.”

“That it did my dear.”

“You keep that shit up I’m going to have to beat you death.”

“Whatever you say cupcake.”

The two men faced one another in the arena and when Nixon sounded the air horn, Joe
immediately lunged himself at Shifty- tackling him to the ground.

Babe hid his eyes behind his hands. He couldn’t watch! He didn’t want either of them to go but he knew he’d feel guilty forever if Shifty went home. Plus when the show aired Shifty would find out that Babe had voted for him and totally hate him!

This sucked.

He leaned over to Bill, “Who’s winning?”

“I think Shifty is.” Bill said, not sounding too happy about it.

Babe peeked out to see.

Shifty indeed seem to have more flags in his hand than Joe did. Babe noted that Shifty’s flags were bright yellow and Joe’s a bright orange.

However when Shifty tried to go and put the flags in his box, Joe tackled him before he reached it. As they rolled around on the ground Babe saw that Joe was not only grabbing more flags from where they were stuck with velcro to Shifty’s vest but was also prying some of his own flags out of Shifty’s hands.

After Nixon warned them they only had fifteen seconds left, the two jumped up and ran to their respective boxes, stuffing the flags they had gathered from the other inside.

The air horn sounded, signaling that the challenge was over.

They all waited as Dick and Nixon gathered up the two boxes.

“Wait- who won?” Skip asked.

The host glared, “We have to COUNT the flags genius.”

“Oh right..just used to knowing already.”

Shifty and Liebgott bumped fists as they stood next to one another, breathing heavily.

“You know,” Shifty looked at Joe seriously, “if I lose I want you to do the same thing.”

Joe nodded, “Gladly.”

“Alright,” Nixon spoke up, “we counted up the flags and Shifty managed to get a total of ten flags from Liebgott’s vest.”

“While Joe managed to get THIRTEEN flags from Shifty’s.” Dick informed them.

There was a stream of chatter over on the red bleachers and they all just assumed it was a bet at this point.

Luz handed a smug Jo ten bucks.

“Thanks sweetie.” Jo grinned at him.

“I’m sorry Shifty that means your time here on the island is over.” Nixon informed him.

Dick patted him on the back, “Go say goodbye to your team.”

Shifty nodded and shook hands with Joe again, “Guess it’s on you to take care of him now.”

Joe sighed, “Guess it is. You know? I wish it hadn’t been you man. I don’t really..uh…say this to like..anyone…but you’re a good guy.”

Shifty smiled, “Thanks.”

They walked over to the solemn blue team.

The Challenge

As the contestants got out of the vehicle, many of them recognized the cliff they were at as the one from yesterday’s challenge in which both Christenson and Babe had been hanging above the long drop into the ocean.

Now instead of a cable across from the two cliffs, there was a blocky bridge that looked easy enough to cross. There were random steps up and random steps to the side that had to be made, although all the obstacles of the bridge were hard to see from where they were standing.
There was a second similar bridge a small distance away from it. Obviously there was one for each team.

When Dick, Nixon and Talbert began to come at them with blind folds, they realized what they’d have to do.

“Ah fuck me.” Christenson complained as Talbert began to blindfold him. Hadn’t he already survived this damn thing?

“That’s right!” Nixon piped up from where had had just blindfolded Webster and was now moving on to Luz. “Everyone will be blindfolded except for your team Captains who we are escorting to the other side of the bridge as we speak. “

“Your team Captains will try to guide you over this bridge by talking to you. So you have to trust them. However once you are over the bridge, you will take your blindfold off and in turn help guide the next person across. Whoever gets the most people successfully across wins this challenge. However much like the rock climbing trust challenge, if you all make it across successfully, then we will base the win on whichever team goes fastest.” Dick explained.

“So don’t dilly dally. Also…don’t fall…that’s a long ass drop.” Nixon added with a laugh.

“Yeah no shit,” Liebgott complained.

“Why do we have to do this here?” Babe asked warily, not looking forward to possibly making this fall after being rescued last time.

“Because we reviewed the tapes and you all seem most scared by this challenge so we thought- what the Hell let’s increase that fear from 2 people to 18.” Nixon informed them. “Unfortunately to do this we had to cut out the pig testicle eating challenge.”

“Woo-hoo!” Perconte cheered.

“For now.” Lewis warned ominously, “Alright let’s line you guys up.”

“Hey!” Christenson protested as he was walked into his team’s line, “Who just grabbed my ass?”

Dick and Nixon glared at Floyd, who just shrugged, “That opportunity will never present itself again.”

“I’m telling Renee.”

First Crossing

“I CANNOT believe you guys are making me do this first.” Liebgott bitched as he was led to the first step of the bridge, “You realize he’ll just let me fall on purpose don’t you?”

Suddenly Sobel’s voice hit him though a megaphone, “Please Liebgott- I may not like you- but I’m not going to throw a challenge just to kill you…yet.”

“Alright Perconte- you’re doing fine.” Speirs tried to speak as clearly as he could through the provided megaphone. “Now take a small step to your right…a small one…don’t overstep it.”

“NO! There’s NOT a step there!” Sobel shouted.

Liebgott stamped his foot angrily, “Well then just SAY THAT instead of telling me to just take ‘A really big step’! Fucking asshole!”


“Okay just two more small steps and you’re in the clear.” Ron promised to Frank, who listened to his instructions and made it to solid ground.

He ripped the blindfold off with a grin, “That was a fucking breeze. Too bad you can’t guide everyone.”

Speirs shrugged, “Your turn next.”

Liebgott stumbled off the bridge and fell right on top of Sobel who shoved him away him angrily. Joe, still blindfolded, kicked out and struck him in the knee, sending him to the ground.

Joe stood, took off the blindfold and glared at him. Sobel glared back, “I got you across didn’t I?”

“Hardly. I’m just letting you know right now..I got your number you prick.”


Second Crossing

Speirs stopped hoping that Perconte might fail this challenge when he noticed he was guiding Lipton across. He’d rather Lipton didn’t fall to severe injury or death.

Although Perconte was doing a pretty poor job on his own. Speirs resisted the urge to steal the megaphone away and guide Lipton across himself.

“Okay um wait! Don’t go left…I meant to say go right. Wait LEFT—that’s MY right…and your left. Sorry!” Perconte hollered.

Lipton smiled patiently and took a cautious step to the left.

Speirs slapped a hand to his forehead in exasperation.

“BILL! I am NOT going to let you fall! Just trust me damn it!” Liebgott growled through the megaphone.

“It’s not that,” Bill shot back, “I’m just saying I didn’t SEE a step down when I looked at it earlier.”

“It’s there! Just do it!”

“Are you-”

Liebgott cut him off, “Step down or I will COME OUT THERE AND DRAG YOU ACROSS BY YOUR BIG, DUMB HEAD!!”

There was a pause.

“Did I ever tell you how charming you are?”

“Step down- do it now!”


Lipton breathed a sigh of relief as his foot hit the ground and he felt cool hands grab his arms and steady him. His blindfold came off and he was looking at Speirs.

“Good job Frank,” he told the short man as he was handed the megaphone.

Ron just rolled his eyes with a smirk, but said nothing.

Joe shot Bill a smug look as he relinquished the megaphone. “You’re welcome.”

Bill glared and pinched him hard on his right nipple.

“OW!” Joe clutched his chest and swatted at Bill, “What the Hell was that for!?”

“That’s for yelling at me in front of the children.”

Joe glared, “The children huh? I’m claiming spousal abuse then.”

“You would you girl.”

“Whatever you dick.”

Nixon piped up from where he was now behind them. “Need I remind you that being called a Dick isn’t such an insult in present company.”

He jerked his thumb back at Winters.

“He has a point.” Bill noted.

Third Crossing

“Okay Alex, this one’s a bit tricky. Just take a very long, but slow step forward. There’s no step right in front of you but you don’t want to go forward unless you feel something under your foot.” Lipton called out to him.

“He’s doing good.” Frank observed.

Speirs shrugged, “Anyone looks good if they went after you.”


“Now you have to step down.” Bill instructed Evans, “But it’s not that easy. So don’t go down-”

Evans stepped down too quickly and tripped forward, not falling off the bridge but banging his nose hard on the step in front of him.

“-too fast.” Bill finished his sentence with a sigh.

He frowned when he saw Evans’ bloody nose. “You’re okay! Now just step up.”

“Nice going.” Sobel snapped at him and Bill noticed that he might actually be worried. But whether he was worried about Evans or the challenge he wasn’t

As Bill continued to guide Evans across the bridge, Sobel looked around for something to give the guy for his bloody nose.

He noted the blindfold that Joe had tossed to the ground and quickly picked it up. When Evans reached the other side safely he walked over and handed it to him.

“For your nose.”

Evan’s grinned up at him brightly through the blood, “Thanks.”

Dick smiled at the scene and turned back to watch as Penkala made it safely across.

Fourth Crossing

“You’re fine!” Penkala assured Jo who was frowning as he walked delicately across the bridge with his arms outstretched for balance.

Speirs, assured that Penkala had everything under control, ceased his close observation and moved to stand next to Lipton.

“What?” the blond man asked.

Speirs inclined his head slightly, “I was just realizing that you’re very…patient.”


“It’s just not what I expected.”

“How do you mean?”

Speirs pinned him with a contemplative look, and Lipton found himself a little uncomfortable underneath it’s weight.

“You’re a….nice guy.”

Lipton snorted and averted his gaze to the others, “You say that like it’s a bad thing.”

“Why are you here? Why are you doing this? I mean…do you really even care about winning?”

Lipton shrugged, “I…don’t know.”

“Maybe you should figure that out.”

“Well why do you even care?”

Ron paused, “I’m not sure yet. I guess that’s something I’ll figure out.”

“Wait!” Skip hollered frozen at about halfway across, “Is that EVANS?”

They all exchanged looks. It was kinda hard to tell since his voice was a little nasally, cloth still pressed up against his bloody nose.

Evans brought the megaphone to his lips to answer, “Um…YEAH.”

Skip frowned, “Can…can I just stay here?”

Joe rolled his eyes and snatched the megaphone away from Evans, “Just walk you FUCKING CHILD! He was leading you across just fine!”

“Damn it Joe! No helping!” Nixon snapped from behind them.

“I wasn’t helping I was prompting!”

“Same difference.”

Skip listened to them bicker as Evans’ voice began to guide him once more.

“Yeah…I’m going to fucking die.” He muttered to himself.

Joe looked over at a distracted Bill, “Hey- quit staring at your boyfriend and pay attention to the challenge.”

Bill looked away from where Toye was now being un-blindfolded. “Shut up. Not all of us are queers like you and Babe.”

Joe smirked, “Bullshit.”

“Don’t make me smack you.” Bill threatened.

“What? You going to pinch my OTHER nipple you closet case?”

Bill glared.

“It’s okay...I’d probably like it this time.” Joe smirked at him.

Bill paused, “Joe…I’m going to tell you something and I want you to not hit me.”

“No promises.”

“You’re kind of a slut.”

Skip had just made it across.

“True that!” He hollered.

Joe raised an eyebrow at Bill, “Can I hit him?”

“By all means.”

Fifth Crossing

Skip was leading Babe across fairly well for the most part, that was until- about halfway in-the young man tripped.

“Shit!” Babe cursed and flailed for a moment before he began to fall backwards. Everyone held their breath as Babe fell off the side of the bridge.

Sobel slapped a hand to his face, “Great…we just lost.”

However, much to everyone’s surprise, Babe reached out and gripped at the bridge tightly with one hand, quickly bringing the second one up next to it.

“Babe just don’t let go!”

“Wait…how long is this fall?” Luz asked as he took a shaky step forward.

Jo frowned, “Try not to think about it.”

“No...it’s cool. I was just curious.”

“Well it’s pretty far down. But I’m guessing that the actual fall would seem especially long to someone as vertically challenged as you.”

Luz let out a shaky laugh, “Ha ha cute…you remembered.”

Jo shook his head with a smile, “Alright…the next two steps are pretty easy. Just step up once and then step down.”

Luz followed his instructions, “What…no more chit chat?”

Jo laughed and then held up the megaphone, “Most chit chat is not done over a megaphone…or the ocean.”

Luz smiled and took the next step without waiting for Toye’s instruction.

Jo tensed, “Wait for me next time, huh?”

“I’m fine.” Luz assured.

Jo shook his head again, even though Luz couldn’t see it, “I thought you were scared?”

“Nah your voice is comforting.”

Jo blushed a little at the smirks his team was giving him. He sighed, “Right.”

“Hey I bet you that ten bucks I gave you earlier that I can make this all by myself.”

“I’d rather you not try.” Jo called out.

“Why…worried I’ll fall?” Luz asked cheekily.

“No…worried that I’ll lose ten bucks.”

Luz just laughed.

“Don’t let go? NO SHIT!” Babe shouted over to his team, fearful and confused. He couldn’t see shit. He wasn’t sure where his hands were or really how much of the bridge he was holding onto. He had only grabbed the thing by sheer dumb luck.

Skip spoke as calmly as he could manage. “Look-see if you can shimmy to the right a little.
There isn’t a step there in the middle but there’s still the side of the bridge connecting to the next step. If you can get to it then you can loop your arm through that and pull yourself up.”

“Yeah that’s not going to happen.” Sobel commented. He hadn’t really seen much of Babe in action that was promising aside from Capture the Flag and he doubted that the kid would be able to pull off anything other than complete and utter failure. Well…he might lose his pants again.

“Shut it.” Bill snapped.

“Yeah asshole,” Joe added.

Sobel glared at him…damn that guy was really starting to get to him.

Just then Babe pulled himself over to the next step, hooked his arms through and swung himself back up.

Skip grinned, “You got it kid!”

The others hollered- well…except Sobel….but he did raise his eyebrows in surprise.

Babe stood shakily, “Yeah well there was no way that I was going to fall now after having escaped it yesterday.”

Joe leaned into Sobel’s personal space with a smug smirk, “What were you saying again you prick?”

Sobel looked down at him with contempt, “Get out of my face.”

Joe got a little closer, “Oh I’m not even in your face yet.”

Babe made it to the ground and Bill took his blindfold off.

He watched along with Bill as Joe got into Sobel’s air space even more, the other man not moving back as Joe tilted his head back to spew a line of insults at their Captain.

Babe tilted his head in observation, “Wow…Webster’s really got his work cut out for him.”

Bill frowned, “What?”

“I mean how is he ever going to know whether Joe ACTUALLY likes him if he always looks like he’s ten seconds from fucking somebody else?”

“What- like with you?”

Babe snorted as he accepted the megaphone from Skip, “Yeah I wish.”

“Are you still harping on that bullshit? I thought you had a thing for Roe now!”

“I do….but in case you haven’t noticed Gene’s not having sex with me at the moment!”

“Wow-so you could have had sex with Joe….big deal. He’s easy.”

Joe stopped his argument with Sobel to stalk over and slap Bill upside the head, “Asshole.”

Babe shrugged, “Dude….sex is sex.”

Bill grimaced and rubbed the side of his head, “Huh nice to know that concept works with gay guys too.”

“Yeah I’m sure it’ll come in quite handy for you.” Babe replied with a smirk.


Jo’s voice came over the megaphone from the red’s side, “Thanks for sharing Bill.”

Bill turned completely red in the face and stuttered incoherently for a moment. “I’m uh...not saying…that’s…um…what I…”

Jo just laughed and turned back to guiding Luz across.

Liebgott and Babe smirked at him.

“How’d you both like to make that fall?” he challenged them.

Babe lifted his hands up and turned away.

Luz made the last step down shakily and reached out towards where he hoped Jo would be. He smiled a little as someone (hopefully Toye) grabbed his hand.

When he felt the ground beneath his feet he reached up with his free hand and pulled off his blindfold.

He looked Jo up and down slowly, “You know…you’re not all that tall yourself.”

Jo shoved the megaphone into the hand he was still holding and pointed over Luz’s shoulder, “I think Buck needs you.”

Luz nodded and reminded himself that he really shouldn’t be thinking about Jo so much when he was still hooking up with Buck.

Jo clapped a hand on Luz’s shoulder and spun him around, “As in he needs you to lead him across…right now.”

Sixth Crossing

Dick watched as Babe was successfully leading Malarkey across the bridge.

“Do you really think someone might fall?” he asked Nixon who was looking rather bored, standing next to him.

“I wish…God this is so boring.”

“That’s a….pretty awful thing to say. How would you feel if someone actually DID fall?”

Lewis straightened up, “In this hypothetical situation are one of the people falling you or me?”

“No…because that wouldn’t really make sense.”

“Oh…well then I wouldn’t care.”

Dick sighed, “Are the divers down there?”

Lewis shrugged, “Um..I think they’re on standby.”

“In the water?”

“No…and now you’re giving me a look.”

“Why don’t you call and make sure the divers actually ARE on standby.”

Nixon sighed and walked off to call Harry…at least on the OTHER side of the ocean…Floyd was still getting to grope the contestants.

Frowning, Winters watched Buck and Don make it across safely and couldn’t help but feel apprehensive.

So far the closest anyone had come to falling was the little scare with Babe. Hopefully that would be the worst of it.

Seventh Crossing

Webster had heard a lot of commotion from the other side earlier…unfortunately even with the megaphone he hadn’t heard everything…plus being blindfolded he couldn’t see anything.

He was making pretty good progress with Don’ instructions. But Hell…he was rather scared.
Had someone fallen? Was it Joe?

Damn it! He was right there again. This whole…kissing thing had his brain totally rattled. Mostly because…well he was pretty sure Joe had only done it to throw him off of his questioning.

That didn’t make him enjoy it any less…but now he was just…confused and pissed off. He wanted to know what the other man was hiding.

Oh and he really, really didn’t want to fall. That would be nice.

He wasn’t afraid of heights but one didn’t really have to be in order to be completely petrified by this challenge.

He was more afraid of the unknown. He hadn’t heard ANY reassuring sounds before and not knowing whether or not he was going to suddenly fall far down into an ocean he couldn’t even SEE? That was freaky.

As he continued to make his was across he heard the sound of Joe yelling at someone. He laughed to himself a little…he guessed that Joe was fine.

“Take one more step and you’re good.” Malarkey said no longer speaking over the megaphone.

David took it quickly, breathing in relief. That hadn’t been so bad.

Blithe was doing incredibly well…Buck was actually really impressed. Blithe was pretty calm and the blindfold didn’t really seem to be affecting him all that much.

“You’re doing great man. Just take a little side step here and go around this little block to get to the next step.”

Blithe paused and slowly slid his foot out and hit the block. He then guided his foot along the side of the block and continued forward with no trouble. He even continued to make a few steps without Buck’s help.

“Shit,” Luz commented, “He’s doing really great.”

“Yeah,” Buck agreed as they watched Blithe quickly feel out and discern his own path.

Dick and Nixon watched in interest at Blithe’s progress as well.

“Do you think he can see through that blindfold?” Nixon asked.

Dick shrugged and leaned over to grabbed one of the discarded blindfolds, “I dunno. Let’s find out.”

He handed it to Lewis, “Put it on me.”

Nixon paused, “What?”

Dick had already turned around, “Go ahead.”

Lewis swallowed and wrapped the cloth around his friend’s eyes, “I love my job.”



Nixon slowly spun the now blindfolded man around to face him. “So? Can you see me?”

Dick’s lips were slightly parted and his eyebrow’s furrowed slightly from where Nix could see them. He was obviously attempting to see through the cloth and couldn’t. Lewis felt an overwhelming desire to kiss him.

“No..I can’t see you...or anything.” Dick informed him.

Nixon smiled softly and put a hand up to Dick’s face, just wanting to touch him. He stopped himself and moved his hands slowly to the back of his friend’s head and began to untie the blindfold.

He made sure not to let his hands linger, there was no need to torture himself.

“Guess he’s just that good.” Dick said as Blithe made his way to his team.

Eighth (and final) Crossing

Gene wasn’t too nervous. He figured that things were fine…he didn’t think anyone had fallen yet. But then…there was always a first time.

He swallowed and listened to Webster begin to instruct him.

Oh this wouldn’t be so bad….Webster was a pretty smart, not to mention articulate, person.
Gene would be fine…yeah.

“I almost don’t even see the point of watching this.” Frank admitted.

Luz snorted, “Yeah seriously. He’ll probably walk across the damn thing on his hands.”

“What are you two bitching about?” Jo asked….wishing he had a cigarette.

Buck laughed and slung an arm around Luz’s shoulders, “They’re just jealous that Christenson
is good at everything.”

“Hey is it true he’s banging that French broad?” Penkala asked as they watched Burton make pretty good progress despite Blithe’s somewhat shaky instruction.

“Alex,” Lipton frowned disapprovingly.

“What? She’s hot man…I swear I-” he began to defend himself but Lip cut him off.

“Don’t talk about women like that. It’s rude.” The man snapped…well as much as Lip ever snapped.

Penkala quieted, appropriately scolded.

Speirs leaned over towards Lipton, “You know what they say about nice guys?”

Lipton sighed, “Yeah I do.”

Suddenly they heard Blithe call out to Christenson, “Okay just step forward slowly and then-”

“Wait. Wait!” Speirs rushed forward, “There’s no step there!”

But Burton had already taken a short, and confident, step due to Blithe’s order.

And he went plunging straight down.

They all stared.

“Shit!” Jo cursed and rushed over to go onto the bridge and either go after him or…catch him?

Luz wasn’t sure WHAT he was going to do but he quickly grabbed his arms and held him back, “It’s too late he’s already gone… he’ll be okay.”

Jo jerked his arms out of Luz’s grip, “Oh shit.”

Dick and Ron immediately sprung into action and jogged over to them.

“Is he already in the water?” Ron asked.

Frank nodded, “Yeah.”

“Alright tell us when he resurfaces.” Their captain ordered.

“Nix! Did you ask Harry about the divers?” Dick asked.

The host nodded with wide eyes.

“And?” Dick prompted.

Lewis shook his head, “I dunno. He said he’s check himself but he didn’t think they were in position yet. He hasn’t called me back.”

Frank whirled around when he heard that, “WHAT? I thought you guys were PREPARED for something like this!”

Dick just sent Nixon a sad look. He had known this would happen. Why didn’t Lew ever listen to him?

“Luz do you see him yet?”

George shook his head.

Gene, who Webster had safely guided across, rushed over to them. “How’d he fall?”


“Were his legs together or apart?”

“Definitely apart.” Lipton answered quickly.

“Shit..if he hit that water hard enough he might’ve…”

Dick didn’t even need for Roe to finish his sentence, “Oh no.”

He ran over to the bridge, pulling his shirt over his head. “Lewis get down there and call Harry and get Renee over here NOW!”

“What are you doing!?” His friend called back to him frantically.

Dick walked out to the center of the bridge, not at all afraid of the height. He just had to remember to keep his legs together tightly.

“Dick DON’T-” Nixon yelled but Dick took folded his arms, pinched his nose and jumped over, legs held together.

Nixon watched him jump in horror. He ran over to the SUV pointing at Gene. “Hey Doc come with me.”

“Um…I’m not actually a doctor.”

“Let’s go! Now!”

Gene followed him wordlessly and Nixon handed him his cell, “Hit speed dial number six. Tell Renee to get Bull and Johnny, get into her emergency truck and get her ass down here now.”

The vehicle was practically speeding down the path back to the beach and Gene REALLY hoped they didn’t crash, “Wait you don’t have a doctor on standby?”

“In case you haven’t noticed, we cut a lot of corners. We have a couple of paramedics but nothing hardcore and the divers weren’t in position.”

Gene couldn’t believe this, “Why the fuck not? What the Hell is your problem? You knew this could happen! This was y’alls goddamn idea!”

“I KNOW! And trust me…if something happens to Dick….I’ll… just call her damn it!”

Gene let the phone ring.

Nixon gripped the steering wheel tightly. This could have happened yesterday…but then they had been prepared. What the fuck had happened?

To say that the Red team was pissed off was kind of an understatement.

“He could be really hurt!”

“Way to off our best player you idiot!”

Ron quickly turned on Blithe as well.

“What in God’s name were you thinking? Anyone with two eyes in their head could clearly see that there was NO step there!” the captain began to shout.

When he took a menacing step forward, Lipton reached out and grabbed his arm gently, “You need to calm down. Now.”

“I’m s-sorry.” Blithe stammered.

Speirs shook his head but let Lipton pull him back. “I’m making the trek down there. Who’s coming with?”

Everyone, Blue team included, nodded and began to move.

“I can’t see.”

They all stopped and turned to look at Blithe. Whose bright, pale blue eyes were obviously terrified…and oddly unfocused.

“Say what?” Luz asked.

“I uh…have this thing…it’s a stress disorder. It causes my vision to go in and out. Sometimes I…I go completely blind or I uh…can’t see as well as normal. That’s why I didn’t…I couldn’t SEE if there was a step there or not…I just remember walking and I thought there had been a step and I…”

Ron frowned and walked over slowly, “Can you see right now?”

Blithe began to breathe heavily, “N-no…no I can’t see a thing.”

His pale eyes were wide and he wasn’t staring at Ron…but off to the side of him.

Penkala butted in, “That’s why you were always looking around, looking at the sun...”

“It really is brighter here…I can….I can actually see it here.”

Ron just stared at him, “Look…it’s going to be okay.”

He gently grabbed the young man’s shoulders. “Let’s just go check on them. This isn’t your fault.”

Lipton watched him with a smile.

Turns out Ron was a nice guy too.

About a hundred feet below them…Dick splashed into the water at an impressive speed, going far beneath the surface.

He opened his eyes underneath the salty water and struggled to keep his wits about him. He began to look around….but he couldn’t see Christenson.

This was not good.

A/N:Haha that line Sobel gives Joe at the beginning of the challenge is from Total Drama Island and I thought it was just funny and appropriate.


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